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LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape LED lighting has become more and more popular over the past decade. During the daylight hours, your home, backyard and garden is well-lit and on full display. However, at night these beautiful parts of a home are unseen. LED Exterior lighting is the answer to highlighting our hard work and gorgeous outdoor aspects at night.

LED Landscape lighting is the perfect chose if you are looking for an energy efficient option. You can keep them lit all night for a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting. We suggest looking for warmer colors in the 3000K-4000K range. These will give off a great amount light but in softer, warmer hues.  

LED Exterior Lighting are offered in different fixtures to fit your needs, area and style. You can find bullets lights which give a stream of light in a certain area, much like a spotlight. Flood lights, which illuminate an entire area and are perfect for large spaces such as driveways, backyards or to light up a pool. Garden style lights are just for that, gardens but the styles are diverse and will can be the perfect addition to your beautiful space.

The most important thing to remember when installing landscape lighting is you want to have a plan and an experienced electrician to assist. Al’s Electric is right choice and ready for the job. We want to make sure he help you determine what is needed when it comes to wattage and how much power you have running. No big is too large or too small, call us!

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